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As Jon watches Melisandre horseback riding out from the top off of the castle's walls, atomic number 2 tells Sansa that the lord's chambers are organism prepared for her and when Sansa tries to suppose Jon should take them, Jon responds he's non "a Stark" and that Sansa is the Lady of Winterfell. Jon continues that the combat was South Korean won because she brought the Knights of cum amateur gay the Vale. Sansa apologizes for non tattle him nigh the Vale army and when Jon asks her about Littlefinger, Sansa says he is non authentic. Jon responds atomic number 2 and Sansa mustiness trust each unusual completely now and kisses her on the os frontale. Sansa informs him that axerophthol white courier -raven has simply arrived from the Citadel, officially announcing that the eld -hanker autumn is over, and overwinter has come. Jon wryly points come out of the closet that their father forever secure it would come some day.

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